November 10- December 2, 2018

A Place for Us

Valerie Hanks

Main Gallery - Downstairs


Valerie Hanks’ solo exhibition, A Place for Us, features new drawings & sculp- tures informed by the complex ideas surrounding place/space. Through a re- liance on drawing & sculpture & Valerie links her personal experiences of long- ing for various things such as love, truth and understanding with historical, mythical and contemporary archetypes of feminine longings found in literature,lm and life.Continuing to investigate the complexities of being human, Va- lerie’s new work reects upon memories of home & the sensation of discovering a place where something can ourish.

Valerie’s art making practice is centered around Shrinky-Dinks* {a sort of magi- cal shrinkable plastic material} which has the ability to evolve from a thin two dimensional sheet of plastic into a three dimensional object that takes up space once heat is introduced. This plastic material is put through intense stress; it con- torts, shrinks, melts and folds into itself, only then to rebound and emerge as something newer and stronger. This material has allowed Valerie’s work to investigate what it means to be human, be under stress & what it means to recover. A Place for Us maps both physical and psychological journeys navigating the space between home & longing.


November 10- December 2, 2018

Let’s Eat Baby!

Grace Sydney Pham

Main Gallery - Downstairs


Let's Eat Baby! is self-taught photographer Grace Sydney Pham's first solo show as a new member of 500X Gallery. Through still life photographs and accompanying installations, she explores the absurdity of survival and procreation. 


November 10- December 2, 2018


500X members and interns

Main Gallery - Upstairs


Just in time for the holiday, all 500x members and interns are displaying series of small works for sale in our upstairs main gallery space.  All works are specially priced for holiday shopping, and all proceeds from sales will go to 500x gallery.  Begin your holiday shopping at 500x!


November 10- December 2, 2018


Curated by 500X member Chris Ireland

Works by Derrick Burbul, Arthur Fields, Evan Maloney, and Jessica Wohl

Downstairs Project Space


Instagrammar is an exhibition of artists who have created photographic works inspired by and utilizing the Instagram social media application. Thinking beyond the standard displays of birthdays, family photos and selfies, these works were created to explore the unique possibilities that Instagram could offer as a content delivery system for creative expression.  Instagrammar, curated by Chris Ireland, opens this November at 500X Gallery in Dallas, TX and includes works by Derrick Burbul, Arthur Fields, Evan Maloney, and Jessica Wohl. 


November 10- December 2, 2018


Scott Bell and Elise Thompson

Upstairs Project Space


October 13- November 4, 2018

Expo 2018

Main Gallery - Downstairs


The 500X Gallery's annual exhibition showcasing work from visual artists all across the state of Texas returns in its 40th year, juried by Dallas art writer and curator Lee Escobedo!

This year's exhibiting artists are:

Rowen Foster, Katie Paschal, Marcelina Gonzales, Ashley Boydston, Anonymous Artist, Gibson Regester, Marriel Dennis, Narong Tintamusik, Ricardo Orozco, Joshua Bryant

A message from our guest juror:

"I have only chosen a few artists, with the intent of a small, intimate show. My curatorial focus was on portraiture and representation. I explored these two frameworks via photography, sculpture, and painting. I chose works with spiritual, vulnerable elements to them. I think in today's climate, less is more." -Lee Escobedo


October 13- November 4, 2018

Moon Tether and Bubble Raft

Molly Valentine Dierks

Main Gallery - Upstairs


Moon Tether and Bubble Raft explores the disorienting transitional experience of living in global culture  - the syncopation of moving between pristine natural environments, 'borderland' ecosystems in liminal urban areas, and the sensuous forms and products that characterize commerce in dense city environments.
The name of the exhibition originates from a species of female sea snail that attaches itself to its raft of eggs, resembling a cluster of tiny bubbles, to float - adrift at sea and governed by the pull of the moon. The sound emanating from the island ecosystems incorporate a synth-pop mash-up of music with elements of nature (running water, whale calls) and digital culture (cell phones, alarms), in music composed by Carlin McLellan for the work. 


October 13- November 4, 2018

At My Window

Parisa Nozari & Joanne Cervantes

Upstairs Project Space


 At My Window presents a selection of paintings and drawings by artists Parisa Nozari and Joanne Cervantes. 


October 13- November 4, 2018


Brooke Opie

Downstairs Project Space


OBJECTHOOD, a solo exhibition by Brooke Opie, explores the way in which personal objects, dress, and grooming inform past and present identities. Through a juxtaposition of still life and portraiture, a variety of personas are described and performed by the artist using her own objects and clothing to question the idea of unambiguous selfhood. Brooke Opie is a visual artist working primarily in photography, bookbinding, and illustration. Born in Fresno, California and currently based in Dallas, Texas, Opie received a BFA in Photography from Texas Woman’s University in 2017. Her work explores themes of performed identity, impermanence, and human behavior.


October 13- November 4, 2018

Loc Huynh: Americana Vulgaris

Reception: October 13th 7-10pm


Americana Vulgaris is a project space exhibition by Loc Huynh. These paintings can be interpreted as mean-spirited caricatures, playful light-hearted humor, or a pungent social critique, the ambiguity is the driving force of the images I create. They can be any or all of those things, but in the end, I see them as an investigation our society marred with the extenuated ugliness to show the fascinating un-gracefulness of our species.


September 8th- October 7th

Francesca Brunetti: Home Un-homey Home

Reception: September 8th 7-10pm


Home Un-homey Home is a series of illustrations made with screen printing. The illustrations depict the relationship between Italian women and the domestic environment in a way that questions the cozy and comfortable concept of home as representative of Italian culture. A sequence of events is shown in the exhibition that aims to replace the Italian idealized idea of the relationship between women and the domestic environment with a claustrophobic universe of silent melancholy.


September 8th- October 7th

Kristin Colaneri: Projected Personae

Reception: September 8th 7-10pm


The ‘Projected Personae Series’ is a collective body of work utilizing self as subject, taking on various adaptations in order to spark dialogue on issues such as race, gender, personal identity, social status and art in America.


September 8th- October 7th

Valerie Hanks and Jessica Burke: Unnamed Departures

Reception: September 8th 7-10pm


Unnamed Departures is the collective’s fourth collaborative exhibition featuring new paintings, digital drawings and a site specific installation informed by the tangled dialogue between actual and imagined memories. Candyland Art Collective, is a visual art making team consisting of founding artists/members Jessica Burke and Valerie Hanks. Candyland Art Collective’s interdisciplinary practice occasionally includes inviting guest collaborators to investigates elements of contemporary play & power, while working within a structure that incorporates the physical distance between our studios- over 1,000 miles apart.


August 18th -September 2nd

2018 Members Show

Reception: August 18th 7-10pm

The 500X Gallery will be starting its 40th year with the 2018-2019 Members Show! We are excited to showcase works by senior members Ashley Whitt, Tony Veronese, Valerie Powell, Ross Faircloth, James Talambas, Chris Ireland, Molly Dierks, Seth Lorenz, and Justin Strickland, as well as by new members Michelle Thomas Richardson, Joanne Cervantes, Scott Bell, Blake Weld, Grace Sydney Pham, and Becky Wilkes! Come have a drink and say hello! 

Saturday, August 18th, marks the opening reception for the Members Show. All works will be on display during gallery hours until Sunday, September 2nd. Gallery hours are Saturdays and Sundays from 12-5PM. 

The 500X Gallery, established in 1978, is the oldest artist-run co-op gallery in North Texas. 500X Gallery is for artists, by artists; we handle the week to week duties of operating a gallery, from curation, hanging work, PR, social media, sweeping the gallery space, bartending at receptions... etc. etc. etc.!

2018 500x Gallery Member's Exhibition, August 18 - September 2nd, 2018.  Opening Reception: August 18, 7-10 p.m.