April 2012 | Joel Kiser, Courtney Brown, Crash Collective, Diane McGurren, Tiffany Wolf, and Kerry Pacillio

500 x Gallery Presents

Opening April 7, 2012 7-10PM  

In the Main Gallery-

Courtney Brown and Joel Kiser present

OBJECT | a series of seven performances


Performance schedule

Artists Courtney Brown and Joel Kiser present a performance art focused exhibition premiering works from nine artists in OBJECT. New original performances will be presented at 500X Gallery each Saturday and Sunday for the duration of the exhibition. Exhibiting artists include Courtney Brown, Shannon Brunskill, Jeff Gibbons, Kimberly Harris, Kevin Ruben Jacobs, Joel Kiser, Rueben Melendez, Alison Starr and Robert Wedepohl. 


In the Upstairs Gallery-

Between Hope and Fear

Crash Collective

Ashley Bryan

Paul Bryan

Deborah Falls

Tanner Harmening

Eric De Llamas

Joshua Poole

Sam England

Val Curry

Rachel Lee Stephens

Close geography, friendship and intellectual collaboration have drawn these artists together. Working in imaginative and often whimsical themes, they walk the horizon of the spiritual and physical worlds between hopes and fears in human history.  With the endeavor to capture emotion and reason together inside physical walls, this work plans to release them into the wilds of the viewer's imagination

In the Project Spaces-


"Story #3: At The Speed of Snails," page 122, from 8 Simultaneous Stories to Be Read Simultaneously.

8 Simultaneous Stories to Be Read Simultaneously
Diane McGurren and Erin Shaw
An artist's book by Erin Shaw and Diane McGurren. 8x8x8", 288 pages, installation variable (and simultaneous).
Kerry Pacillio and Tiffany Wolf


Kerry Pacillio and Tiffany Wolf collaborate to construct a playful exploration of apologetic gesture and regret, both sincere and saccharine, in order to explore and understand and the importance of this learned skill and etiquette in our society and perhaps become, in addition, more adept as social citizens.