May 2012 | Christine Bisetto, Tiffany Wolf, Trish Igo and Jill O'Brien

500X Gallery Presents

May 5 - May 27, 2012

Opening May 5, 2012 7-10PM  


In the Main Gallery-

Christine Bisetto and Tiffany Wolf present 




New work by Christine Bisetto and Tiffany Wolf explores infatuations both material and immaterial by focusing on the idea of the crush which brings out insecurities, creates physical power over structure, commands incredible acts of bravery and has the ability to reach the depths of sorrow all with a modicum of lightheartedness and glee.



In the Upstairs Gallery-

Creature Comfort 

Trish Igo and Jill O'Brien


Animal philosophies are rife with contradictions brought about by our childhood idolatry of animals and our societal use and slaughter of animals.  Commixing these extremes, Trish Igo and Jill O'Brien create a dreamlike exposé of our haunted relationships to animals. Igo and O'Brien work collaboratively in mixed media to compose vignettes with animals and coveted objects to construct situations that provoke reflection on the subjective and selective ways that people view animals.



In the Project Spaces-


Tails of the Exotica

Organized by Clayton Hurt and Elaine Pawlowicz

The purpose of the use of the downstairs project space is to promote awareness and responsibility about the personal ownership of exotic animals in the United States.

In response the surreal incident of the mass release and escape of large exotic animals in Muskingum County, Ohio in 2011 and countless other stories in the news about the confiscation of dangerous and illegally smuggled wild animals, artists were invited to submit their visual interpretations of the personal ownership of exotic animals as pets in a 10"x10"x10" format. 



Frame Count

Timothy Harding and Christopher Blay


Frame count is an installation that talks about the construction of images. The appearance is reminiscent of a film editing room and re-contextualizes movies and color slides as a way of talking about how fragile meaning becomes when images are out of context. The viewer is invited to create their own narratives by advancing slides that interact with still frames, which themselves interact with movie posters.