C4 Opening Saturday January 12, 2013 7-10PM

Opening Saturday January 12, 2013 7-10PM


January 12 - February 2, 2013

C4-a malleable plastic explosive; a pre-workout supplement which ignites mind and body; acronym for composition 4.

The work of Christine Bisetto, Colette Copeland, Clayton Hurt & Chancellor Page is an exhibition composed of the ideas, whether lyrical or igniting alternate realities, that address: remembrance, ephemera and happenstance (Bisetto); history, gender politics and the macabre (Copeland); the act of forgetting in relation to time and the use of symbolism (Page); struggle and humor (Hurt).

Christine Bisetto, The Ties


Christine Bisetto, The Ties


video still from Ghost of Susanna Cox, 2012

Colette Copeland, video still from Ghost of Susanna Cox, 2012

Chancellor Page with Bryan Scott, Missing 1972, Mary Trlica, digital print

Clayton Hurt, detail from BARK, 2012, mixed media

In the Project Spaces- Downstairs- Bernardo Cantu

Upstairs- Monthly Weather Review with Chief Meteorologist Harold Taft Diane Durant with Devyn Gaudet