Nate Glaspie, Shelby David Meir, & Shayne Murphy at 500x

Opening Saturday March 9, 2013 7-10PM

Nate Glaspie & Shelby David Meier

March 9 - April 7 2013

Downstairs Gallery

Prop 65 Warning

Artists Nate Glaspie and Shelby David Meier address issues of consumption and waste within contemporary culture. Influenced by vacuum-form packaging designs, Glaspie's new series Prop 65,re-constructs the integrity of unnoticed designers within corporate America.

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Surrogate Icons and Activities

Referencing multiple subjects surrounding popular culture and art history, Meier's work Surrogate Icons and Activities creates a conceptual web centered around technology, consumption and originality.


Shayne Murphy

Fever Dreaming 

Upstairs Gallery

Shayne Murphy's paintings incorporate the figure within invented and ambiguous spaces to invoke a sense of exploration and discovery. The relationship between the figures and the spaces they occupy take on the role of a transient, protector, destroyer, or remain obscured. Fusing figurative realism with linear abstraction, Murphy seeks to create a hyper-reality that acts as a manifestation of the real and imagined. He is interested in humankind's innate curiosity of the unknown and our desire for escapism.


Shayne Murphy - Surfacing, 2013, Oil on panel, 62" x 48"

In the Project Spaces-


Bruce Monroe


A Collaboration with

Christine Bisetto and Sally Packard