Joel Kiser & Jonathan Snow

Opening Saturday April 13, 2013 7-10PM   

April 13 - May 5 2013

Downstairs Gallery

Joel Kiser

Tales from the Frying Pan


Joel Kiser's current body of work explores traditional cast narratives or "kitschoclasms" as he calls them.  These works are born from the insights and lunacies of Mad Magazine, National Lampoons, and the Weekly World News genre of thought.  Joel finds these kitsch objects or characters waiting for him to be repurposed using the surface vocabulary of 1980's fanboy culture.   From the cast forms Joel charges these cast vignettes with the old genre of "tall tale" fables whose residue boils down to an experiment with the "National Inquirer" laboratory of meaning, where the fuzzy boundaries separating reality from representation are constantly being redrawn.

Jonathan Snow

Steps in the Continuum

con·tin·u·um - A continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, although the extremes are quite distinct.



Candace Hicks

Common Threads 

Upstairs Gallery


Taking note of coincidences is akin to the kind of observation a landscape or portrait artist practices.  Thus, my observations take the form of hand-stitched texts that I call Common Threads.   Sewing every line, letter, and illustration in the books enhances their status as objects.   By laboring over a dime store composition book, painstakingly recreating it by hand, I have found a way to express the insignificant as potentially philosophical.  Just as a landscape or portrait painter's observations allow them to reproduce a version of reality, my scrutiny of repetition creates a narrative that navigates fictional universes.


Studying coincidence led me to other speculative areas of science and the paranormal.  My work customarily explores the aesthetic and narrative possibilities of crop circles, secret societies, and alchemy.  This interest in pseudoscience developed into an alternate version of string theory to explain the occurrence of coincidence.  Most of my projects take the form of books or series of prints as each represents an inquiry or sustained reflection on a given subject.  Like the patterns the covers of composition notebooks, patterns in fictional universes can go unnoticed without the care of sustained scrutiny.  I just happen to be the one paying attention.


Candace Hicks, String Theory Volume II, 2012, artists' book


In the Project Spaces- 


Material + Structure

An installation of curious, ferrous metallurgy by John Robert Craft

Presented by Joel Kiser 

What would we all would experience if we could shrink down 

small enough to walk amongst the microscopic structures 

of steel's atomic components?  


The Landscape is Motorized

A collaboration between Timothy Harding & Gregory Ruppe

Deriving its name from Jameson’s thoughts on consumer society and notions of false realisms, THE LANDSCAPE IS MOTORIZED exists somewhere between experimental place making and dimensional exploration.