Return to Narrative Nov. 2-24


Opening November 2nd   7:00-10:00 PM

The work of Colette Copeland, Michael Francis, Chancellor Page and Giovanni Valderas embraces the oldest and most universal form of communication— storytelling. Working in a variety of media, each artist employs strategies of experimental or non-linear narrative to examine issues surrounding identity, history, and culture.

Colette Copeland’s videos uncover hidden histories, merging the past and present.  She is premiering four new works including the final two videos from Reflections from the Gallows series, as well as a work filmed at Eastham Prison Farm in Lovelady Texas.

Michael Francis paints fictitious worlds, creating representations from abstracted images. He derives his mark making technique from traditional Eastern ink drawings, yet references digital technologies.

Chancellor Page’s recent drawings and paintings evoke pervasive unavailability and isolation. His ongoing investigation into the loss of identity transitions from last season’s work about desire and healing to images of fear and inundation.

Giovanni Valderas’ mixed media paintings address his personal culture and history. Borrowing the frayed elements of the piñata, his work explores materiality, process and the tattered relationships of his Guatemalan ancestry.

Together the artists’ works provide a conduit for cultural memory, questioning how we engage in acts of story telling and remembrance.


Colette Copeland, Eastham Prison Farm, HD video, 2 minutes, 2012


Michael Francis, Beth's Bridge, 28 1/4" x 18 1/2", acrylic on paper, 2013


Chancellor Page, It will swallow you whole. You who are not you. You echo the perverse and profound, Color Pencil 28"x 40", 2013


Giovanni Valderas, Mystical Barbarism, Mixed Media on Paper, 2013




Downstairs Project Space: 100x100 International Video Festival

Upstairs Project Space: The Junior Ward

Also on display: A Collaborative sculptural video installation by Giovanni Valderas' Mountainview College Design students and Colette Copeland's Richland College Digital Video students.