March 8th - 30th

Opening March 8th 7:00-10:00 PM

Elaine Pawlowicz



Playing Dead, oil on canvas, 36"x36". 2014.

Narrative Paintings by Elaine Pawlowicz examining quirky perceptions of life and death using animals as metaphors.



John Alexander

Graffiti and Resonance


A master printmaker with a passion for human history, John Alexander Taylor’s new work reminds the viewer of mankind’s struggle for existence, excellence, and dominion over nature.

 His meticulously rendered prints and murals flirt with abstraction and representation to achieve a unique formal language characterized by tension between past and present. The murals of found landmarks (water towers, steel riggings, industrial remnants) epitomize progress – movement, technology, and the advancing human push – but evoke the craft and heart of man.  Classical details and complexity of pattern capture Taylor’s imagination.  He translates technological breakthroughs with the use of acrylic glass and auto vinyl to depict the dependence and future significance of newly created materials, such as plastics.

 With layers and layers of imagery, John Alexander Taylor’s work draws us in, compels us observe the romantic and heroic nobility of the past, and creates a continuum for reflecting on the human experience.




Elizabeth Hurtado

Portal II

portal2detailDetail: Portal II, 2014

I employ repetitive and mundane activity as a means of tangible accumulation, making use of whatever material may be at hand: pencils, wall, cloth, rope, string, plastic bags, etc. Thematically, my work reflects an ongoing fascination with the concept of accessing or connecting with an ineffable plane of awareness/ existence. Portal II represents a continuing exploration of this theme. Using my arms as needles, I knitted approximately 5,000 yards of hand-cut plarn (plastic yarn) made from recycled trash and garment bags into long strands made of 5 stitch rows. I chose to arrange the strands in the shape of a Fermat's spiral. Both the number 5 and the spiral representing a midpoint or the place where two components might meet.


Downstairs Project Space

 Infinite Blue

Shelby David Meier and Cory Meier A collaborative project utilizing music software to create a work of jazz music that is both random and infinite.


Upstairs Project Space

Saints & Sacrifice

A group show featuring Francisco Josue Alvarado Araujo, Kandice Davis, Jose Dominguez, Jennifer Brandon Elliott, Chancellor Page, Robert Romero, and Orlando Sanchez.