January 2011 | Scott Hilton & Leslie Murrell

Scott Hilton and Leslie Murrell

January 15th - 30th, 2011 Opening Reception: Saturday January 15th 7-10pm

Scott Hilton: Excellent Specimens (in Nines) The tintype is a photograph of unimpeachable physicality. Its process is tangibly demanding, unforgiving, and reverential. It cannot be rushed or it rebels, as the silver salts that form the tintype are "alive," like all Alchemical metals. Excellent Specimens is a speculation on the tintype's chemical and optical carnality.

Imprints: Three Generations of 500X Members curated by Leslie Murrell Imprints: Three Generations of 500X joins the work of three former members of 500X Gallery whose shared interests in line and composition manifest in distinct and intriguing ways. Tom Orr incorporates and abstracts his fingerprint in a large-scale silkscreen; Vance Wingate's drawings investigate the intersection of mathematical ratios and human intuition; and Natalie Macellaio poetically addresses the cracks found on the gallery floor below. Tom Orr was part of 500X, the oldest artist-run space in Texas, at its inception in 1978. He helped construct the very walls of the gallery, and his work here features Fatboy (1978), a readymade included in the first exhibition in this space. A comparison with the recent silkscreen Fingerprint Series #3 (2006), featuring the repeating forms of his fingerprint, reveals a continuous and consistent exploration of themes spanning thirty years. Vance Wingate manipulates a self-imposed set of rules to investigate the tension between rigid systems and intuitive intervention. His drawings investigate the potential permutations to be found in connecting dots located along the golden section of the paper. Each series adheres to a slightly different set of systems and processes, some additive and some subtractive, producing nuanced variations. Natalie Macellaio represents the most recent class of 500X artists. In Imprints, she represents the cracks of the gallery floor in silver on the wall above them. She brings out the formal beauty of these mundane imperfections by mirroring them in precious materials. The transformation of this space's particular scars also brings a heightened sense of focus to the immediate surroundings. This exhibition is curated by current 500X member Leslie Murrell, an art historian, educator and curator.

Downstairs Project Room: "From out of the clouds came forth Bunny God " by Shelby Cunningham and Jessica Nelson

From out of the clouds came forth Bunny God to take his revenge on DJ Huffs-a-lot and his spray paint gang. Can he repopulate the earth with his carrot-shank wielding minions? Or will the street gang prevail? Upstairs Project Room: " TBD " by Nate Glaspie and Zack McDowell

Upstairs Gallery: Bernardo Cantu: Inter-dimensional Relics from the Barrio 2

Bernardo's abstract sculptural paintings act as relics from a twisted sci-fi meets the barrio, alternate reality or imagined space. Bernardo is a third generation Mexican American who was born seven miles from the Tex-Mex border in Weslaco, TX. His body of work delivers a socially significant message as it explores questions of cultural identity, tears through barriers, stretches limits and creates vast new possibilities. Bernardo's work Is a product of a larger decolonizing enterprise, that functions from a mentality of what Walter Mignolo calls border gnosis; knowledge developed at the borderland, that takes form at the margins of the modern Western world. Bernardo Cantu a recent MFA-Drawing and Painting graduate from UNT, is featured in edition #90 of New American Paintings, and an artist in the 2011 Texas Biennial. He will also be included in an as of yet unannounced up and coming artists group exhibition curated by Cris Worley. Come see this artist showcase a recent body of work that may not be shown again in its entirety in Dallas.fkasdjhfkjasdfasd

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