March 2011 | Shelby Cunningham and Thomas Feulmer

March 5th - 27th, 2011 Opening Reception: Saturday March 5th 7-10pm

Shelby Cunningham I am currently rejecting my photography background in favor of working purely from memory. By illustrating and documenting every bedroom I have ever lived in, I am able to collect and catalog parts of my life that are too large and impossible to actually physically collect.

Thomas Feulmer A playful mix of objects poses questions - some direct, some indirect - about the nature of power, masculinity, and sculpture. As in past works, magazines, as a serial dist ributor of male imagery, are used to look at how these ideas are simultaneously shown and hidden in the process of the sale. The show-hide comes up in a number of works for this show. Other works exist as propositions on space, dimensionality, and lightness.

Downstairs Project Room: "Good Neighbors" by Joel Kiser and Todd Hayes



Upstairs Project Room: "The Empathy of Desolate Material" by Clayton Hurt and Jeff Poole



Upstairs Gallery: The Hand That Feeds Me: TCU/MFA/500X


An exhibition by MFA graduate students Shafaq Ahmad, Michelle Brandley, David Cavaliero, Devon Nowlin, Adeniyi Olagunju, Allie Regan, Gregory Ruppe, Christoph Trendel, Zoetina Veal and artist-in-residence Yukari Eda


These artists share a strong emphasis on exploring identity through culture-specific signs and representations, and pose questions that push the viewer to reflect on their position in the physical and psychic world. In a rare instance of multi-culturalism flourishing in a North Texas art school, local, national, and international artists comprise TCU's grad program, and the exhibition includes Yukari Eda, an artist in residence from Japan. Other students in the program hail from Africa, Germany, Pakistan, California, Georgia, and of course, Texas. This mix proves vital and the cultural dynamics are unique. The exhibition not only showcases each student's unique strengths as an artist, but also finds ways of creating dialogue between their works.