April 2011 | Rebecca Carter and Mark Collop

Rebecca and Mark

MAIN GALLERY Roofball Invitational: Mark Collop Roofball Invitational: An 8 person invitational tournament in Dallas, Texas featuring some of the nation's best Roofball competitors. These accomplished players are battling for the Ed Watson Trophy and its $200 cash purse. Following the conclusion of the tournament and the trophy presentation, fans have the opportunity to learn and play on the Official Roofball Court.

For more information about the Tournament, the game, its rules and competitors please visitwww.roofballhall.org

Rebecca Carter A collection of works in diverse media inspired by experiences of home and travel that address various states of familiarity, alienation, anxiety, and longing.

For more information about the Tournament, the game, its rules and competitors please visit www.roofballhall.org

Christine and Kerry

DOWNSTAIRS PROJECT ROOM Happy End: Kerry Pacillio and Baby Requin
UPSTAIRS PROJECT ROOM Small Ideas and Other Stories: Christine Bisetto, Jamie Christenson and Avery Powell A collaborative project inspired by the chance find of two sweaters in need of repair.




Upstairs Gallery: The Real World curated by Leslie MurrellJesse Morgan Barnett, José Emroca Flores, Patricia Hernandez, Skeet McAuley, E. Brady Robinson, Mike Ruiz and Natalia Zamarripa 

Artists in The Real World explore life in hyperreality, a state characterized by consumerism that values spectacle over substance and kitsch over culture. It is increasingly difficult to distinguish between the real and the sensationalized copies that proliferate, between reality and "reality TV." This exhibition features work that investigates the digital and physical manipulation of the landscape; the virtual reality of video games; the intersection of art, religion, malls and theme parks; and situations where the real and the representation are nearly indistinguishable.