May 2011 | Day Old Donut!

May 2011 Main MAIN GALLERY

Day Old Donut: Matt D. Clark, Clayton Hurt and Joel Lynn Kiser

Clark A new sculptural work that combines the habit of accumulation, continued interest in transportation and possible extinction.

Hurt A collection of recent works that arose from random sketchbook writings and illustrations. Animals are combined with symbols and signage to suggest the bitter/sweet plight of possible marketing strategies.

Kiser The overture to Joel Kiser's work consist of a careful arrangement of appropriated Americana Kitsch forms entangled with a surface vocabulary of 1980's fan boy culture. Kiser's sculptures recall an elaborate allegory of grotesque figurines, handled typical of adolescent school boy doodles, while exposing the attraction to the "tall tale" element of storytelling.

2011 May Project Rooms

DOWNSTAIRS PROJECT ROOM Famed Dandy Strangler, Heckler's Joy by Scott Hilton and Kelly Wittenberg

Robert Louis Stevenson's novella Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was first published in 1886 and quickly entered the grand imaginitive public consciousness as a complex, but shorthand metaphor for the complex nature of consciousness, and the complimentary desires regarding codes of human morality. This video installation uses clips from film adaptations of the novel, (many of which are low-budget productions and far more salacious and trashy than the original) to explore issues of narrative structure and the slow "mission creep" of the adaptations of this modern fable.

UPSTAIRS PROJECT ROOM Sew and Sew by Rachel Rodenkirk and Tiffany Wolf A collaboration between Rachel Rodenkirk and Tiffany Wolf, featuring sexy painstakingly sewn drawings by Miss Rodenkirk and cheeky fresh sewn sculpture by Miss Wolf.