December 2011 | Leslie Murrell, Jonathan Snow, Nate Glaspie & Elaine Pawlowicz

December 3, 2011 - January 8, 2012
Opening Reception: Saturday December 3, 7-10pm

Recurrence Relation: Three Generations of 500X
Recurrence Relation features the work of three 500X alumni whose works are characterized by captivating repetition of forms in distinct ways. vincent Falsetta's small color studies record the thoughtful experimentation involved in the process of painting. Paul Booker evokes natural phenomena such as fluid dynamics and animal swarms through the vocabulary of pure abstraction. Brian Spolans creates fictional worlds of small creatures undertaking both the monumental and mundane tasks of civilization. The show presents new work by all three artists, and well as two pieces by Falsetta that hearken back to his tenure as a member of 500X from 1978 - 1980.

Jonathan Show - Progression...
I'm fascinated by the idea of a compounding process in motion, this primary structure of formation, the branching nature of everything with small elements forming a larger whole (decisions, knowledge, ideas, cells, bricks, etc.) When I can see that whole or section of a whole with its smaller parts, it feels like I've caught a glimpse into the "machine", a little window into enlightenment. I like the "collective consciousness" idea, as if we are computer programs or cells collecting specialized information--billions of reporters documenting existence from a specific viewpoint, every possible pathway being explored and analyzed to glean bits of knowledge for the whole. 
Nate Glaspie - Untitled
Nate Glaspie's process in creating art begins with found parts that once held in an industrial purpose. In combining former industrial designs with new found parts his sculptures become both aesthetic and functional.

Elaine Pawlowicz - Protection Spells

This exhibition of paintings by Elaine Pawlowicz highlights interconnected work from her participation in recent summer artists residencies in Montana, Wyoming and Iceland. Plein air paintings from all three locations are being shown for the first time with her paintings from imagination. Second comes "Cosmos", an installation of paintings inspired by the open night skies. They describe miniature worlds filled with psychodramas. Last comes a group of magical narrative paintings, "Protection Spells," formed by mystical Icelandic images intermingling with those of personal keepsakes. Icelandic folk teas are charged with invisible elves, trolls, dragurs (ghosts) and Gryla, the Christmas witch who eats bad children. These benevolent spells are used to keep the people and things most loved by us safe. 
Upstairs - TBA Performance
by Courtney Brown
Downstairs - Magic
A duel by Joel Kiser and Luke Sides