January 2012 | Clayton Hurt, Kerry Pacillio, Timothy Harding, & Diane McGurren

500x Presents:

January 14 -February 5, 2012

Opening Reception: January 14, 7-10 p.m.


Another Dog and Pony Show

Clayton Hurt

Kerry Pacillio

Timothy Harding

Diane McGurren

The work presented in this exhibition reexamines Clayton Hurt's depictions of animals with humanistic attributes. Figurative animal forms, funny faces and recycled dog toys lean toward the twisted comical side of entertaining. A moment in time is frozen, as you ask yourself, "Why am I in this place surrounded by such odd things and why do they seem to enjoy my presence?"

Kerry Pacillio, inspired by 1980's films, presents new work about the chaos of adolescence, the ceremony of girlhood, and the environments inhabited during the passing of those times, ranging from campy to creepy, from banal to exceptionally abnormal.

New works presented by Timothy Harding find inspiration from the unconventional writing technique of American author William S. Burroughs. Timothy applies Burroughs' techniques to his own process. Through a series of actions including stacking, arranging, and cutting, Timothy is able to explore the notions of chance. The resulting works have a sense of a presence that shifts in and out of focus. 

Diane McGurren's work explores the banalities and eccentricities of the disappearing American landscape through medium format photographs, found text, flat tires, and other road trip ephemera. This summer Diane traveled the space between Cool, Texas and Cool, California and Cool, Iowa. This is what she found there, and then some. 




Brought to you by the Letter W - Collaborative works by Christine Bisetto and Matthew Clark


The Society for Olfactory Preservation- As presented by Chris Tennen and Scott Hilton