Rachel Muldez is a Dallas based visual artist interested in the changing perspectives on art. Born in New Mexico, Rachel has rich heritage of natural or nature based art. She is influenced by the landscape and the color gradation in the soil between Texas and New Mexico.

Muldez, received a Bachelor's degree in Art from Baylor University in 2007; focused her study towards ceramics under the direction of Paul McCoy. In 2009 she received a Masters degree in Humanities under the direction of Nick DeVries in ceramics. Continuing a holistic understanding of her craft, Muldez attained second Master degree in Art focusing on sculpture from the University of Dallas. Today the work she creates is informed by the earth and her immediate surroundings. Rachel Muldez is currently pursuing her terminal degree in art at the University of Dallas whilst employed as an adjunct professor at Richland College. Her newest body of work reflects both her time as a young person in New Mexico and her life as an adult artist in Texas. 

Artist Statement
Every thought and action are either product or process based art. Evolution is all things taking part in the changing aesthetic of the created. I take part in that change every time leave a footprint or move a rock. Not all change leads to a higher aesthetic of the whole. My work is meant to be both a change in the physical aesthetic of my surroundings and a change in ideas, thoughts and feelings that don't meet my artistic aesthetic. Rocks, flowers, seed, leaves, ect. leave my neighborhood and find themselves neatly placed and under lighting in a local gallery. However, the placement of the materials I use is always a visual reference to the larger ideas of existence as a continuum and the current expansion of our known universe.

The visual code to my work lies in the potential of each object I use. Rocks and flowers speak toward earth and landscape. Seeds and or their shells speak toward life or animation or the lack of. Truly, it is not important to know that each piece represents an actual thought or statement to me like, "light and all other energy seen to travel in waves is really just a two dimensional view of a three dimensional spiral and we as a consciousness are losing potential because we can't see far enough..." No no, instead, to enjoy my work, please notice the pretty colors and the presentation and that sort of shit.