Blake Weld


Biography: Blake Weld is an interdisciplinary artist who utilizes video, found objects, small electronics, and micro controllers to create and manipulate his art. His work has been exhibited nationally from Cora Stafford Gallery in Denton, Texas to Harry Wood Gallery in Tempe, Arizona. He is originally from a western suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota where from an early age he experimented and constructed objects from materials found in his father’s garage. Later in life, Blake developed his skills while pursuing his B.F.A at Saint Cloud State University. During his time as an undergraduate, Blake collaborated with three other student artists to establish a student run gallery that curated student and local art exhibitions. In 2015, he graduated from University of North Texas with a M.F.A in Studio Arts.

Research Statement: My creative research encompasses a broad scope of technological advancements and surveys the poetic nature of production. I rework and manipulate everyday objects to create nonsensical kinetic sculptures that are designed to perform a single task. These machines embrace the humanistic qualities of both sincere intent and hilarious failure. A sense of absurdity arises in the fact that the machine requires routine mechanical maintenance, but regardless of how much they are maintained, they will inevitably self-destruct. The production and maintenance of these objects require a level of versatility and has forced me to incorporate the role of entropy into my art practice. As a result, I have become verse in the language of uncertainty.

The marks that are created, either on paper or as balloons left in the gallery, are physical representation of the passing of time. As visual depictions, the marks created are unique to each exhibition due to the duration of each exhibition, the physical characteristics of the space, and the amount of upkeep for each artwork.