500X Alumnus Interview: Clayton Hurt

Clayton Hurt

Clayton Hurt

Clayton Hurt

Clayton Hurt

Clayton Hurt

Clayton Hurt

Clayton Hurt

Clayton Hurt

Clayton Hurt

Clayton Hurt

500X: Tell us a little about yourself. What is your artistic background?   

CH: Currently teach drawing at TCC South Campus and work on call installation at the Fort Worth Modern. I received my MFA in Sculpture from TCU in 2007 and my BFA from UNT in 2005. Also studied at Brookhaven College and graduated from the Arts Magnet Highschool in 1999. Went to W.E. Greiner Arts Academy Middle school and am a 2nd generation artist. Son of Cindy Hurt a local artist, teacher and writer in the DFW art community, so I grew up around the arts.

500X: What years were you a member of 500X?         

CH: 2009-2014.

 500X: Were you ever a 500X officer? If so, what position(s)?  

CH: Secretary for like 4 months, always helped on Installation. Members Coordinator 2010-2011 and President 2011-2013.

500X: Who were some of the other members with you? 

CH: Here is all of them, I think? 

Here is all of them, I think? 

Natalie Macellaio, Brian Spolans, Lesli Underwood Robertson, Rebecca Carter, Mark Collop, Shelby Cunningham, Thomas Feulmer, Matthew C. Clark, Sarah Williams, Scott Hilton, Tiffany Wolf Smith, Joel Kiser, Christine Bisetto, Leslie Murrell, Elliot Doughtie, Nate Glaspie, Diane Durant, Michael Francis, Courtney Brown, Nick Hutchings,  Johnathan Snow, Timothy Harding, Bruce Monroe, Elaine Pawlowicz, Colette Copeland, Bernardo Cantu, Shelby David Meier, Irby Pace, Chancellor Page, John Alexander Taylor, Giovanni Valderas, Kate Colin, Clint Bargers, Justin Strickland and H.

500X: Tell us about your time at 500X. What was it like?     

After five years as a member, I can say I’ve seen/done it all! But knowing the nature of 500x I would never be surprised.

500X: Do you have a favorite moment from your membership? 

CH: 1st: project space with Alvaro Perez in 09’, didn’t sleep, worked on art all night to install before noon on Saturday.

2nd: driving a car in a costume of foam with Captain Kiser on the roof, for a project space video collaboration with Rollie Fingers.

3rd: staying up there way too late, too many times helping install the unicycle, wrestling ring, brick and mortaring walls, (we used all the toilet paper as filler!).

4th: working on all the committees, but mostly the Dallas Pavillion one, and the 35th anniversary show with curator Leslie Murrell. Oh and all the times gallery sitting and being there alone, the floor mopping…..

500X: What do you think you gained from being a 500X member?  

CH: I learned so much. Definitely made me a better at emails, teaching and, in general talking with other artists.

500X: How has 500X impacted your career as an artist? 

CH: I’ve met so many people and have made many new friends there.

500X: Is there anything you'd like to add about your experience of being a member? 

CH: Work hard! Be nice! Set yourself to your own values and expectations, be creative and understanding.    #YOUEARNYOURWINGSEVERYDAY :D