May 12th -June 3rd

Reception May 12th 7-10pm

Ashley Whitt | Mind Loop

Mind Loop, a solo exhibition by Ashley Whitt, explores the inability to escape certain memories  o r thoughts in one’s mind. Through self-portrait and still life photographs, large wallvinyl, GIFs, and sculptural handmade books, the artist aims to interpret and make sense out of the absurd.

Inspired by Surrealism and Dadaism, Ashley Whitt seeks to subvert the viewer’s perception of  reality and the rational. These images and moving stills aim to rationalize the irrational and turn the viewer’s perception on it’s head. Whitt invites the viewer to become immersed in an optical illusion. These illusions serve as metaphors for the absurdity we face in everyday life.

 Ashley Whitt

Ashley Whitt

Help, I’m alive |  Justin Strickland

Digital Romance | Molly Valentine Dierks

Postcard_Digitial Romance_Final.jpg

Tony Veronese | run-on | Upstairs Gallery

Allison Jarek | Hallowed Ground | Upstairs Project Space

This series explores themes related to transcendentalist philosophy and literature, specifically the innate spirituality and purity within nature. In the essay, Nature, Ralph Waldo Emerson emphasized the importance of man’s relationship to the land. He stated that there is a common spirit that resides in and connects all living things, which he called the “Over-Soul.” The examination of this connection would lead to the essential truths of one’s
existence. These images were photographed with 4x5 black and white film and painted digitally to illustrate the “Over-Soul” that connects man to the land. This process is also used to emphasize the romantic and idealistic qualities of the landscape to encourage the appreciation and respect of the audience. The resulting images depict surreal, dream-like environments that reflect these themes and question the audience’s perception of reality. Though this work reflects my personal beliefs regarding the importance and the sacred nature of the land, the ultimate purpose of these idealistic depictions is to encourage appreciation and respect for the earth and to provoke the audience to reflect on their own personal relationship with nature.


Glyphs | Audrey Travis | Downstairs Project Space

 GLYPHS is an exhibition of photography, drawings, and sculpture from recent TCU MFA graduate Audrey Travis. This collection of works, displayed in the downstairs project space of 500X, addresses landscape, materiality and mark making. 

Ry Mccullough & Steven Foutch | Extended Play | Members' Space

Extended Play is a collaborative exhibition by Ry Mccullough and Steven Foutch. The show explores a forced intersection of working methods derived from a series of informal conversations related to printmaking, art, and music.

The show explores orthodoxy and experimentation within the historical language of printmaking.