November Member's Show

Opening reception - Saturday, November 7th 7-10 pm

Featuring work by: 


H. Schenck - H is for Human, M is for Mud

Bill Bridges - Graft:Topical

Rachel Muldez - Event Horizon

Laura Garcia-Penn - Symbiotic Assimilation

In the Project Spaces

Twin Terra

Kate Colin and Kasten Seamless will collaborate across states on a wall drawing and a series of small works based on representations of the recent flooding in North Texas and Arkansas. This exhibition will be installed in the upstairs project space at 500X Gallery. Hasten Seamless is an active painter with a professional background in design. Kasten teaches art and design, and is a graduate of the University of Dallas and the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. Kate Colin is a painter currently working in Denton, TX. her abstract work stems from an interest in unpredictable and systematic processes. Kate earned her MFA from University of Dallas and obtained her BFA from the University of North Texas. 


Give & Take: A Live Experiment in Visualizing Sound

Dinnertime Magazine (created by member Lindsey Brown) has curated a live, collaborative performance where multi-media artist Adam Palmer will perform live-drawing, the content of which will be directly influenced by the live improvisations of musicians Adam Sewell and his band. This performance aims to highlight the role of specific source materials in the process of making and examine the concept of the 'studio'. After the performance has been completed, we will then bring that conversation to the community in the form of an interactive online experience. 

By opening up the 'studio' to the viewer, we intend to demystify the process of what it means to make. We want the viewers to experience the process of development and execution from the outside and learn from it in a way that expands their understanding of what a working process can look like.