Light, Lite, Lte (!?!) / dark dark dork / Piece Peace

Main Gallery / Light, Lite, Lte (!?!)

Downstairs Project Space / dark dark dork

Upstairs Project Space / Piece Peace

Back Hallway / Justin Strickland and Travis Sykes

Show runs November 1st - November 23rd

Opening Reception: November 1st, 7-10pm


Light, Lite, Lte (!?!)-The November member show will present artworks by 500x artists Clint Bargers, Tommy Fedele, Michael Furrh and Jennifer Seibert that address memory, movement, growth, gesture and unattainable utopias. View contemporary works of painting, sculpture, and installation in one of DFWs oldest galleries.

dark dark dork- A collaborative installation between H. Schenck and Pierre Krause.

Piece Peace- An interactive exhibition by Syd Webb and Emily Nicastro.