co | action | M. Thomas | K. Colin | L. Kirchner

Downstairs: co | action

Upstairs: Michelle Thomas

Upstairs Project Room: Kate Colin | Lauren Kirchner

Show runs December 6th - January 4th

Opening Reception: December 6th, 7-10pm


co | action

Mentors | Artists
Adam Fung | Alyssa Hawkins
Darryl Lauster | Jeff Gibbons
Margaret Meehan | Devon Nowlin
Colby Parsons | Anastasia Gabriel 
Linda Ridgway | Teresa Rafidi

500X will host 10 artists in an exhibition showcasing work between mentor/artist pairs. At some point in an emerging artist’s early career, someone comes alongside him or her to give critique, counsel, support, more critique, advice, training, and even to write letters of recommendation for employment or grant opportunities. The mentor-mentee or educator-student relationship is integral to the growth of the artist and mentor, as well as the art community.

For this exhibition, 500X extended 5 invitations to artists/educators/mentors in the DFW area and asked them to choose a student or mentee with whom to exhibit. The educator-student pair will either collaborate on a new work or display individual pieces side-by-side to visually convey the working relationship or influence.


Michelle Thomas


I aim to create transformative experiences that challenge perceptions and bring attention to the distinctive subtle elements of particular spaces. My work considers architectural space by creating drawings on linen that respond to a site specific area, making the work conceptually and physically environmental. Layers in space beyond the fabric border generate an immersive atmosphere that pushes the boundary between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional realms. Each element in this installation is intended to reflect ideas of space, light, sound, and motion, both self referential and universally applicable. Overall I hope to heighten a viewer’s awareness of space and its characteristics not only in the work but also outside of a gallery setting.

Kate Colin | Lauren Kirchner

Kate Colin and Lauren Kirchner collaborate in the upstairs project space to create a site specific installation. Lauren Kirchner is an installation artist with a passion for our internal microbiological universes, and Kate Colin’s work interprets external hypothetical spaces. This installation of drawings integrate elements of the micro and macro universes of their own personal work in order to engage the viewer’s space.