Kate Colin | Diane Durant | Timothy Harding | H. Schenck

Diane Durant | The silent air of ruin is fragile. 
Timothy Harding | Things

Kate Colin | Plane Intersection
H. Schenck | Clubhouse.

Downstairs Project Space:
Michael Furrh | Sebastian Stoddart
M. Kate Helmes | Katherine Baker

Upstairs Project Space:
Jessica Fuentes | Jean-Luc Vila


The silent air of ruin is fragile. A creative documentary response to John Graves' "Goodbye to A River", the ecology of drought, and coming of age along the sandbars of Brazos, then and now. -Durant

Things An installation about the object hood of painting and drawing. -Harding

Plane Intersection: Hypothetical environments emerged from amorphous washes alongside geometric shapes on canvas and gallery walls. Within the works, oblique angles penetrate picture planes while flat color fields interrupt the illusion of depth, which creates ambiguous space. -Colin

Clubhouse. I built forts out of foam bed liners, cardboard boxes, and chairs. Sometimes my cat would sleep in them with me. -Schenck

Fugue A series of works exploring mass consumed building materials and capricious construction methods. -Furrh and Stoddart

Recursive A collaborative installation exploring the process by which memory disintegrates and reconstructs itself. -Fuentes and Vila

Facebook Divorce A collaborative installation by Dallas perforamance artist M. Kate Helmes and Ohio based artist Katherine Baker.

February 27
Love Us for Good