Rasquache Wave | Exploded View | Face to Face | May Day

Main Gallery will Feature 4 Solo Exhibitions by: Bernardo Cantu | Justin Strickland | John Alexander Taylor | Syd Webb

Upstairs Project Space: Jennifer Seibert & Ryan Molloy Downstairs Project Space: Sheryl Anaya

Rasquache Wave | Bernardo Cantu

You know that strange altered-state experience that comes from combining campy 80’s dayglows , Tex-Mex border culture infused with the elements and stylizations of AbEx and Neo Povera? Yeah, that one!

Exploded View | Jusitin Strickland
New Works!

Face to Face | John Alexander Taylor
This work focuses on the replication of a single image, The Oracle. The Oracle is a story derived from my childhood that has been secretly hiding in my work for years. I have incorporated roof shingles, grass seeds, wood flooring, paint, liquid tar, vinyl, and concrete, within the work. 

May Day | Syd Webb
A collection of drawings, give aways, and studio notes. 
An artist’s studio practice often goes beyond the walls of the studio. May Day is pop-up printshop, gleaning from my ever-evolving title: artist, printer, homesteader.