November Solo Members Sho

November 12- December 4

Valerie Powell: Pit Gallery
Choose Your Own Adventure, a solo exhibition highlighting a colorful collection of drawings & small sculptures by Valerie Powell, explore the idea of wandering. Inspired by the book series of the same name, Powell continues to investigate the human condition using shrinkable plastic as her primary medium. Powell creates playful narratives which invite the viewer to visually wander thru a series of imagined spaces while being encouraged to make their own conceptual connections. Travel inspired imagery inform the series of drawings, while mapping specific memories inform the series small hanging sculptures in the exhibition.

Kalee Appleton: Lower Gallery
Platinum Package, is comprised of new photographic work by Kalee Appleton. In a continued effort to reexamine the objecthood of photographic backdrops used in mainstream portrait studios, Appleton conceptualizes the photographic backdrop by making these large format backdrops the focal point within a real world landscape as well as using them as backdrops for additional backdrops. While with previous work a similar approach explored the parallel use of early digital landscape photography often appearing on computer monitors coupled with digital manipulation techniques, this new work explores a straight photography method as well as a nostalgic approach by referencing the final product of mainstream portrait photography and the customary act of cutting images from a gridded portrait sheet for distribution to family and friends.

James Talambas: Upper Gallery
"1.816" is an experiential installation.

Downstairs Project Space: curated by Clint Bargers
Centennial Rojo
Photography from Colorado by Clint Bargers and Tory Doyle.

Upstairs Project Space: curated by Rachel Livedalen
Arbitrary Ambition, a group exhibition featuring:
Michelle Bonilla
Nicole Bosley
Carlee Cox
Sam Granado
Joelle Nagy
Olivia Nucci

Arbitrary Ambition uses traditional craft techniques in order to subvert stereotypical ideas of gender. Embroidery, crochet, and domestic objects are used as a means to discuss the problematic associations of craft and femininity. Stereotypically a site of feminine production and labor, craft is devalued within the art market and thus occupies a lower position within the cultural hierarchy. This show aims to elevate the position of craft through its interdisciplinary use, shift in scale, and aggressive attitude. The artists featured in the exhibition are all undergraduate students at TCU enrolled in the course, Feminist Concepts and Strategies in Studio Art. 

Members Space: curated by Steven Foutch
Bury Them Breathing; Work by Michael Farmer
Michael's work is based on recent and historical social topics such as race, war, immigration, and politics. His goal is to show the viewer an entangled web of similarities through historical and present models of social dynamics. Thus embracing the viewers gaze, warming them up to the cold world that is existing around them.

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