Lynné Bowman Cravens

Stigma, 2016, DASS transfer on paper, 18 x 18 inches

BIOGRAPHY:  Lynne’ Bowman Cravens was born and raised in Austin, Texas.  She attended St. Edward’s University, and received her BA in Photocommunications in 2009.  She developed photography skills in analog darkroom, studio lighting, analog color photography, digital photography, and digital printing while in college.  Cravens later attended graduate school at the University of North Texas where she received her MFA in Photography in 2015.  While in graduate school Cravens began to make sculptural photographic objects.  Her current work is a mixture between traditional techniques and an exploration of other media.

This is Cravens’ second year as a member of 500X GalleryShe currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas, working as the Gallery Manager at The Art Galleries at TCU.  Cravens recently had a solo exhibition of her work in Fort Worth at the Moncrief Cancer Institute

STATEMENTLynné Bowman Cravens is a fine art photographer working in an interdisciplinary method. Cravens takes a wide range of approaches in her artwork as a response to her autobiographical narrative. The work is poetic and expressive, revealing a glimpse into her desires through contemporary self-portraiture. She works primarily with photography, making unique pieces from an infinitely reproducible medium. Through meticulous physical distortions and transdisciplinary techniques Cravens creates photographic pieces that address her personal experiences, identity, and physical form. Each piece and series ranges from large-scale digital installations to delicate one of a kind objects.

   Patio / Oscar   , 2017  , Inkjet print on paper and acetate  , 24 ½ x 23 x 3 ½ inches

Patio / Oscar, 2017, Inkjet print on paper and acetate, 24 ½ x 23 x 3 ½ inches

   Scrutinize,    2015  , Hand-stitched inkjet pigment printed fabric  , 86 x 62 x 16 Inches

Scrutinize, 2015, Hand-stitched inkjet pigment printed fabric, 86 x 62 x 16 Inches

  Cloudy Streams, 2016  ,  Inkjet pigment print, shot with cell phone camera, 5 x 7 inches

Cloudy Streams, 2016, Inkjet pigment print, shot with cell phone camera, 5 x 7 inches

Face #5, 2015, Hand-coated cyanotype print, 12 x 12 inches