Membership Applications

Due date for Season 2018-2019 membership has passed.

500x is an artist run gallery collective with a long tradition. Having been run by artists for almost 40 years, 500X relies on the talent and dedication of its members to continue exhibiting local and international artists. Membership applications are reviewed every April. Membership terms start in August and end in June.

Membership Includes:

  • Annual Solo Exhibition
  • Annual project space to curate
  • Experience working in a commercial gallery
  • Gallery members' network

Membership duties:

  • Monthly dues ($50)
  • Attendance at monthly members' meeting
  • Attendance at monthly gallery receptions
  • Maintenance of gallery
  • Opening / Closing gallery
  • Exhibition planning & installing

Application Requirements

Portfolio Contents:

  • 20 Images of Recent Work
  • Resume / CV
  • Artist's Statement
  • Letter of Intent