Molly Valentine Dierks explores the expanding field of sculpture through her work across media (performance, installation, and digital media). Dierks received her BA in Behavioral Psychology from Dartmouth College, a Post Baccalaureate degree in Sculpture and Extended Media from Virginia Commonwealth University, and her MFA in Art and Design from the Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan. She has participated in exhibitions nationally (including in New York City, Detroit, and Los Angeles) and internationally (South Korea, Russia). Her work has been included in exhibitions by such prestigious institutions as the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, University of Michigan Museum of Modern Art, the Kunsthalle Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Fort Worth Community Arts Center. Dierks' sculptures and installations have been featured in Southern Magazine, the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit's 'Post Industrial Complex', the University of Michigan's site on digital media artists, the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art's Art Yellow Book, Designboom, Opumo Fashion Magazine, and Peripheral Visions Arts. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at Tarleton State University, and lives and works in Texas.


I am inspired by the shapes, lines, and language in industrial society that convey information about identity and desire. On my phone, computer, and in my studio, I have an ever accreting collection of samples of mass-distributed media, ranging from the weathered trash I find in medians or parking lots, to gumball-machine baubles purchased at the grocery store, to phrases from advertisements. The process of manipulating and recombining my collection of language, objects, and forms is part of an ongoing quest to deconstruct and distill the formal and linguistic qualities of desire, conformity, and love.