Scott Bell

Bling Bling, Acrylic, wood, canvas, molding, 2018

Bling Bling, Acrylic, wood, canvas, molding, 2018


Scott Bell is an artist originally from Vero Beach, FL, and has recently moved to Dallas, TX. In the spring of 2012 Bell received his BFA from the University of North Florida and in spring 2016 he received his MFA at Florida State University. Bell has won several academic awards and has had numerous national and international exhibitions, including a recent solo show at the Umbrella Gallery in Deep Ellum and Mantle Gallery in San Antonio. He was also featured in issues 117 and 123 of New American Paintings and his work can be found in private and public collections. Bell’s current work focuses on the contemporary home.  


The focus of my work deals with illusion, facade, and perspectives that comment on our current sociopolitical state and the contemporary home. I try not to take a one-sided approach to this investigation. I utilize narrative between objects and their relation to each other as well as pictorial space to make connections, and encourage contemplation of the domestic landscape.  There are sub-themes that reoccur in my work that lend considerably to my objective: boundaries, expectations, rituals, and space. Each one of these topics is engrained in my work and helps me to create the narratives that I use.