Seth Lorenz



A statement for the body of work: rabbit holes,


As an intermedia artist, Seth's work is an amalgam of sculpture, photography, new media and 2-d works. He has realized that when he makes his work, he does not first think of the material but instead the idea. From here, it then becomes a set of decisions considering what materials or media most succinctly portray his concept.


The essential meaning of his work deals with issues associated with dysfunctional domestic environments. He has realized that who he is, is an outcome of what he has experienced correlated with how his psyche processed those experiences. Congruently, how he behaves in the present stems from both current and past experiences creating constant opportunities for his psyche to change and heal, or inversely to repeat the same patterns.


His process reflects on suffering and trauma and translates those personal experiences into a sort of shared visual history. Material plays a large role in this process. He is inspired by how material can carry meaning through familiarity, installation, manipulation, and intuition. Each material has a visual history that is uniquely interpreted by each person before it. Because of this, the derivatives of meaning are more like branches from a tree. The roots of the tree are his intentions, the trunk is the physical object and the branches are its many meanings. The truth, is somewhere deep within a rabbit hole.




"forced balance" detail. window weight, toy blocks, rope, nail. 2016

"forced balance" window weight, toy blocks, rope, nail. 2016

"wounded animal" photographic imagery, wood. 2016.

"knocked down" knock down texture and wall paint on panel. 2016.

"preservation through destruction" wax, pillow. 2016.