Swarm, Inkjet Print, Lithography, and Monotype, 14 by 20 inches, 2016


Steven Foutch lives and works in Irving, Texas but was born on the outskirts of a small town in Southern Illinois. He makes art primarily in print media, drawing, and installation while generally embracing his ailments. The resulting work has been shown in both national and international exhibitions. Steven can be found with his partner (jewelry artist and wife, Kathleen Janvier) working on their new/old house. They both dream of building a shared studio and toiling in a garden away from the sheet rock dust, wet paint, and foul language. The two have made work together in the past and plan to continue the collaboration.


My work is largely centered on the exploration of psychological landscapes. Using drawing and printmaking techniques, I juxtapose the vastness of rural America with the suffocating mental state that comes with disconnected, insular life.

The rural Midwestern landscape is vast but not sublime. Insulating to the point of paralysis, storms brew both physically and psychologically. One cannot help but look out to the horizon and feel at once solace and a paradoxical urge to flee. My work explores the angst, introspection, and reluctant acceptance of that landscape by its inhabitants. One resident carves the name of a metal band into his forearm and another stares Zen-like at the horizon with eighty year old eyes. Agrarian self-sustainability clashes with an industrial age that ended as soon as it began.

Email: sfoutch@gmail.com

Website: www.stevenfoutch.com

Sweep, Inkjet Print with Relief print and Monotype, 14 by 18 inches, 2014

Awful Pretty Day For A Funeral, Relief Print, Wood, and Steel, 8 by 50 inches, 2015

Don't Give Yourself Away, Wood and Collagraph w/ Ink on Paper, 36 by 14 by 30 inches, 2015