Thirsty 38 (Desert Shade)  - Acrylic, ink, and spray paint on canvas, 48x36 in, 2019

Thirsty 38 (Desert Shade) - Acrylic, ink, and spray paint on canvas, 48x36 in, 2019


Biography: Narong Tintamusik was born in Dallas, TX  and raised in Bangkok, Thailand for 10 years. He moved back to Dallas when he was a freshman in high school. He obtained his Biology undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Dallas with a minor in visual arts. Even though his current profession lies within the scientific domain, he won modest amounts of awards and recognition for his art. He has been the recipient of scholarships graciously provided by the DeGoyler Memorial Fund from the Dallas Museum of Art and Bryce and Jonelle Jordan Scholarship Foundation at UTD. He hopes to continue with his career within the science industry while actively pursuing his passion as a professional artist.

Artist Statement: When I was a child, I was sexually taken advantage of. I kept that secret for most of my youth until my early 20's, where I broke the silence. The thoughts about contracting venereal disease lingers within me. To have both sexual anxiety and the need to satisfy my desires became the basis of my work. 

My art are self-portraits. Themes of innocence lost, sexuality, and trauma are explored in my pieces. Naive, yet depraved, my figures, Thirsties, exist often alone in imaginary spaces. Within this psychological desolation, the Thirsties attempt to transverse one's deepest desires through the middle of the night to broad daylight. I attempt to show the audience what is like to live in a world where childhood was taken away too soon and perversion was unwillingly acquainted.  

Website: http://www.ntintamusik.com/